USB Virtual Control Panel

Tired from searching for the right control and corresponding connector, I made an USB-to-Relay interface board  and  active panel display software on a windows PC or laptop. The interface board has 24 relays that emulate the coded rotary switches in a real control panel.  An added bonus is the unlimited list of preset frequencies, even with annotation.

The software was written in VisualBasic and emulates the look and feel of the real control. It sets the 24 relays according to each of these supported sets :


ARC-27 , ARC-44 , ARC-51 , ARC-52,

ARC-54, ARC-73,  ARC-131

                            This was a do-it-yourself project. The USB controller was obtained from electronics DIY, together with the USB driver. Contact me for the bare board and the software.

More info on the interface board and its USB interface is here.



Updated  April 4, 2014