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Update May 2010



HICAP is a simple, interactive  electronic circuit analysis program, written by Koos Bouwknegt.

The circuit may  contain current  and voltage sources, resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, switches, thyristors,  amplifiers, or sub circuits made of these components. 

The output of up to 6 probes can be shown as a function of frequency ( bode plot),  or on the oscilloscope as a function of time.

Several, most predefined, waveforms can be used for the sources as inputs to the circuit.

The (simulated) oscilloscope is fast, with over 10 sweeps per second, and interactive. You  can temporary make any component variable, and turn the “knob” to change its value with running sweep.

The example above shows a  tuned band filter in the ARC51BX. Three ganged, permeability tuned coupled  LC circuits tune the second intermediate frequency between 2.8MHz and 3.8 MHz.


A full description of the program in pdf format is here.

HICAP itself can be downloaded here

For installation, decompress the zip file, and start the setup.exe. This will install the program, some sample circuits, and a library with some subcircuits,

Highly Interactive Circuit Analysis Program