A tribute to its inventor, Sven H. Dodington.


The circuit around nearly every tube in the ARN-21  is covered by a patent. These patents give a good description of that part, and how the inventor intended its function.  S.H.Dodington alone holds some 30 patents.  You can see these patents on  a patents server  (use number search)


US2753507               Tuning motor control                        1956

US2753525               3x 2C39A                                         1952

US2753553               Constant duty cycle                           1956

US2781489               135Hz sample-hold                           1955

US2790079               Multi channel xtal control                 1956    

US2791690               Ferris discriminator                           1956

US2795775               Main ref detector                              1955

US2798947               Level control LO                              1954

US2810874               Servo (range & azimuth)                   1955    

US2815507               Distributed aux ref group                  1955

US2833967               Relay control circuit                          1955

US2877344               IF on 31.5 mc (not 63 !)                    1955

US2890449               Tacan Basics                                    1953

US2906874               Triggered pulse generator                  1956

US2912686               Range gate                                       1955

US2912688               Tacan test set                                    1957

US2912689               ID pulses 1350Hz                             1957

US2916614               LO multipliers                                  1959

US2916737               Beacon ID  1350 Hz lock                  1957

US2916738               15Hz  and 135Hz circuits                  1956

US2924821               Phase comparator                              1955

US2924822               Azimuth receiver                              1958

US2947987               Antenna decoupling                          1955

US2981943               Range dependant Tx power               1953

US3051946               Faster Range search                          1958

US3054103               Variable PRF  (15/150Hz)                 1957

US3076190               A/A addition to ARN21B                  1960

US3098980               Klystron gauss modulator                 1963