A tribute to its inventor, Sven H. Dodington.


Electrical Communications (The scientific monthly from ITT))

All articles in the March 1956 edition are published separately on the web by a Spanish university.  10 pdf files  The ARN21 pdf gives you a great introduction to TACAN !


Or check  all editions of Electrical Communications  from 1924-1959

Especially :

Volume 33 - 1956- 01 about the ARN-21, and

Volume 34 - 1957–03 about the ARN-26 Tacan data link, a proposed addition to the ARN21 that was never used.


Military standards

The  download of standards and related documents used to be on Assist . That includes the basic TACAN system in MIL-STD-291C  and the original spec MIL-R-7060A  (1956) for the AN/ARN-21 and MIL-M-22965A for the A/A mode extension.


The specifications of the TACAN signal are kindly summed up by Farnau ( now MOOG)


There are several documents on the internet about S.H.Dodington., the main inventor of the TACAN system


Development of 1000MHz DME

Random Memories

He died  jan 13, 1992 in Whippany N.J.